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About company

Industrial Group "Privodnaya Tekhnika (Drive Technique)" is a leading Russian manufacturer and supplier of electric drive technology with more than twenty years of experience in many industries and utilities.

In its development, the Group has gone through several stages - from the formation of a trading house, which represents the products of world famous companies on the Russian market, to the organization of its own production units engaged in the design, production and sale of finished products and components in the field of industrial automation and drive technology.

An important distinction of our company is the high qualification of our employees, which ensures the correct and quick selection of equipment and its implementation in the technological process.

Privodnaya Tekhnika is a full-service manufacturing company. Technical support of deliveries, consulting, training of customer's specialists, warranty and post-warranty service - these are the areas to which we pay primary attention.

Scientific and Technical Center "Drive Technics" is always open for long-term partnerships. Our extensive experience as a developer and integrator in the world of drive solutions ensures a qualified and individual approach to each client and each task.

Our Mission is to provide optimal solutions for customers in the field of industrial drive.

6 principles of our strategic advantage:  

Одно окно

You will work with us on the principle of "one window", covering the widest range of tasks and equipment: automated control systems, low-voltage and high-voltage electric drive, precision positioning systems, mechanical transmissions of all types.


You will work with our main potential – highly educated, advanced, creative employees who are able to quickly and clearly understand your needs and offer you the most profitable solution to the problem.


You will be pleasantly surprised by our flexibility both in terms of prices and terms of work.


Your solutions will be designed based on 20 years of experience in implementing automation systems in various industries.


We are always close to you-our branches and representatives are located throughout the country.


Your solutions will be equipped with equipment from time-tested manufacturers

Company executives

Krasnov Dmitry Valeryevich

Chairman of the Management Board of the Industrial Group "Drive Technology", Ph. D.

One of the founders of the company.

Thanks to his integrity, balance and strategic vision, Dmitry Valeryevich has earned the authority of a competent manager who is able to solve the most complex tasks and lead the company to the leaders of the Russian industrial market.

Onishchenko Georgy Borisovich

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Editor-in-chief of the journals "Drive Technology "and"New Technologies". Scientific Director of the Industrial Group "Drive Technology".

One of the founders of the Russian electric drive technology.

Head of the Department "Electric Drive and Automation of Industrial Installations" of the Moscow State Open University.

Conducts training of engineers, masters and postgraduates in the profile of the department. According to the book "Electric drive", written by George Borisovich, students study in 70 universities of the country.

Under his leadership and direct participation, electrotechnical complexes and unique automated electric drives for nuclear power plants, mine lifting installations and fans, main gas pipelines, installations for drilling oil wells, walking and quarry excavators, paper machines, high-speed elevators and many other objects were created.

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